TECH sprint

 How to Level Up into Leadership as a Games Programmer

A unique, games industry specific leadership course for all programming technical professionals and late stage career seekers from award winning Technical Director, Pavle Mihajlovic (22 Cans, Flavourworks, Electric Saint).  

  • Learn how to dissect an idea and plan a prototype/vertical slice/demo that achieves your business goals
  • Choose the right technology/middleware/architecture to achieve success from the outset 
  • Learn how to create long term product plans
  • Learn how to give great pitches and communicate technical decisions
  • Understand how to build and manage a technical team
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This course is now sold out. To be updated on future sessions, contact us here.


Our courses are a little bit different than others so please make sure you are clear on what we offer and if you are at the right stage in your learning journey to take part. Get in touch if unsure.


You need to be age 18+. This course is not for complete beginners. You should already have a portfolio of work.  


This is an online course, with all live sessions taking place in the evenings from 6pm-8.30pm GMT.   

Study Duration

We expect participants to work at least 10 hours per week on this programme. 


We try and remain software agnostic, so you can use whatever you are already comfortable with.

Course length

3 weeks for the main part of the course with an optional 1 week game jam at the end. 

Start dates

Sep 18th-Oct 6th.

🤚Hang on, why are Sprints different? 

100% Live & Exclusive

No recorded videos here, this is a live course run over a 3-week period in real-time. You need to be committed and ready to work, but you'll get so much more out of it.

Work with Industry Heroes

All sprints are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the sector. You'll get decades of knowledge condensed into 3-weeks of practical work and Q+A time.

Highly Affordable

Our courses are priced from £13 a day. For this level of learning, you won't find anything better. We also provide discounted placements those from low-income backgrounds. Email us for access

Employer Focussed

We enrich our sessions with speaker slots from recruiters and hiring managers from our 40+ UK partner game studios. 

Project based

Every sprint you take part in will aim to give you one high-quality portfolio piece for you to use on your career journey. This work is practical and team-led. 

We'll stick by you

Everyone that completes a Sprint will be part of the Into Games network and eligible for continued career opportunities in the UK games sector via our partner studios.  

You'll love learning with us

"I've loved every minute of this course it's been inspiring and full of new skills I didn't know I needed - thank you very much!"
"Was great to get such hands on feedback from a pro as well (rare to find unless paying insane amounts or still in education)."
"I feel significantly more prepared to build up my portfolio now, thanks to this course. Really enjoyed it."
"I felt really connected to my huddle group, we were such a good group. Loved the course and tutor, everything worked really well - 100% doing another one.  
"No compalints at all - loved every minute of it. Thank you helping my productivity!
"Thank you to our Sprint Coordinators, they were so helpful and friendly. It was great to have something so feedback orientated."
Helen, concept artist

Ready to sign up, yet?

Begins September 18th, evenings from 6pm GMT

Frequently asked questions

What does this cost?

£199 for the 3 weeks. This is only £13 a day for live sessions with some of the best games professionals in the world. Courses can be paid for in instalments if required. 

When does the course run?

Over the 3-weeks, you will attend 8 live sessions from 6pm to 8pm, a number of group sessions with your peers in the cohort and some clear work evenings. We suggest working around 10-15 hours per week to get the most from the Sprint.     

Is financial Aid or assistance available?

Yes. If you are on Universal Credit, you will receive 30% off the price. If you are a care leaver or were eligible for free school meals when growing up, you can qualify for a discount of up to 80%. There is a limited amount of these places available per Sprint. Please message us directly.

Is there a certificate upon completion? 

Yes. While we are not a fully accredited programme, you will receive a shareable digital certificate upon completion, which can be shared with your professional network. 

What are the technical requirements?

You will need access to a computer for the duration of the Sprint. Our Sprints try to be as software agnostic as possible, but you may need certain tools, which will always be stipulated here if so. For this Sprint, there is no tool preference.  

Is this for complete beginners?

No. You should have at least 1 years worth of practice within this discipline area (this could include 1 year of a degree, college or personal study time). You can still be at an early stage in your learning path, but you should have a basic portfolio of work. Please email us if you have any queries about this. 
Meet your sprint leader

Pavle Mihajlovic

Pavle Mihajlovic is a Technical Director. Pavle Mihajlovic started his game development career at 18 as a programmer at Peter Molyneux's 22cans. After working on awad winning titles like Curiosity and Godus, he moved on to start Flavourworks, where they released Erica, an innovative marriage of film and games published by Sony on Playstation, iOS and Steam that reached 8 million players. Flavourworks went on to raise over $3 million in a Series A round led by Hiro Capital and Sky. Currently he is Technical Director at Electric Saint, a new studio working on their first game.
Patrick Jones - Course author