Champions is a series of training sessions designed with expert partners to develop Video Game Ambassadors to grow as public speakers, educators, and mentors. 
  • Team Building

    Interact with colleagues
  • Remote

    Accessible online
  • 2 Hour Sessions

    3 sessions per quarter
  • Transferable Skills

    Practical initiatives 



Friday, 22nd March  
 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM 
Master public speaking techniques, empowering Champions to confidently discuss game industry topics and captivate audiences at live events, panels, and workshops. This specialised training refines communication skills for impactful internal and external engagements, elevating company presence and industry contributions.


Friday, 19th April  
 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM 
Uncover top techniques for delivering engaging workshops.  Champions learn to design captivating sessions that inspire the next generation of game talent, showcasing expertise and interests. These skills benefit internal training and team-building, presenting an opportunity to share knowledge with the wider games industry.


Friday, 24th May  
 10.30 AM - 12.30 PM 
Discover how to foster stronger team dynamics and support emerging talent from diverse backgrounds through mentorship. Applying these skills in the workplace will enhance employee engagement, create an inclusive company culture, and resonate positively within the wider games industry by nurturing and retaining diverse talent.


Discover the exceptional professionals who serve as our esteemed trainers. These seasoned subject matter experts have a wealth of experience and are dedicated to equipping Champions, guiding them to to make a difference in the games industry. 

Public Speaking

Leyla & Daisy

Routes Co-Founders Leyla McLennan and Daisy Jacobs excel in public speaking coaching. With theatre backgrounds, the duo are known for effective training in London, emphasising communication, listening, and leadership skills. Specialising in personalised mentoring and impactful workshops, they run many initiatives that aim to foster confidence, social connections, and English skills.


Harún Ali

Limit Break
Harun is the lead for Limit Break's training division and the Associate Producer at No Brakes Games. He offers mentorship training drawing from 5+ years of industry experience. Author of "The Pocket Mentor" for video game testing, he passionately promotes game development to youth as a STEM ambassador, engaging with the local community on diverse aspects of the industry.

Mastering Workshops

Matteo Menapace

Beesness Games
Matteo designs cooperative games and playful workshops. His unique approach blends social issues into what he terms "minimum playable dilemmas," making games a tool for thoughtful engagement. For example, he co-designed Daybreak, a cooperative board game about stopping climate change. Matteo excels in facilitating workshops that empower participants to create playable prototypes within a day. He helps Champions to turn their ideas and knowledge into tangible experiences.


After the completion of Champions training, ambassadors are encouraged to actively engage with 2 opportunities on the Video Games Ambassador Network. This year we are increasing the number of opportunities hosted by education organisations throughout the UK, providing a chance for ambassadors to apply and share their developed skills from the training.  
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What is the Champions Training Program?

The Champions Training Programme is a series of workshops designed to empower and enhance the skills of game professionals to play a role in advocating and promoting excellence in the video games industry. 

How long does the Champions Training Programme last?

The Champions Training Program consists of three training sessions, each lasting two hours. These sessions are conducted every 3 weeks within a quarter. After completing the training, participants are encouraged to practice skills by engaging in initiatives through the Video Games Ambassadors Network in the subsequent quarter.

Must I attend all sessions or can I pick and choose?

The Champions Training programme is designed 

Are sessions recorded?

The trainer's session will be recorded. However to ensure a safe space for sharing, activities and participant responses will not. 

Are there any follow-up activities after the completion of the training programme?

Champions are encouraged to actively engage with the Video Games Ambassador Network. The network offers opportunities hosted by education organisations throughout the UK, providing a chance for Champions to apply and share their developed skills. By joining the network, you will be guiding and supporting the next generation of talent entering the game industry.