Advanced Storytelling with
Kim MacAskill

Supercharge your storytelling and work alongside the former Senior Scriptwriter on FABLE, League of Legends and her own IP for Playstation

  • 100% live online course (no pre-recorded content) 
  • Learn to develop the mindset of a professional Lead Narrative Designer 
  • Create engaging characters that last and last 
  • Build an industry leading portfolio that gets you and work noticed 
  • Work to a range of practical live briefs with an industry veteran as your guide
  • Only 30 spaces available
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Course Dates: 1st - 19th July 2024 / 6pm-8pm BST / See FAQ for full dates and times 

You'll love learning with us

"I've loved every minute of this course it's been inspiring and full of new skills I didn't know I needed - thank you very much!"
"Was great to get such hands on feedback from a pro - rare to find unless paying insane amounts or still in education."
"I feel significantly more prepared to build up my portfolio now, thanks to this course. Really enjoyed it."
"I felt really connected to my huddle group, we were such a good gang. Loved the course and tutor, everything worked really well - 100% doing another one.  
"No compalints at all - loved every minute of it. Thank you helping my productivity!
"Thank you to our Sprint Coordinators, they were so helpful and friendly. It was great to have something so feedback orientated."
Helen, concept artist

Who is this course for?

Our courses cater to semi-skilled individuals aiming to advance their game development practice, including university and college games students and grads, hobbyists & indie devs, and junior professionals seeking career progression. If you are not sure if this is for you, please contact us.

You want to expand your skillset to a professional level

Explore additional skill, workflows and techniques with a high-level guide

You want to pivot from within or into games development

Get specfic industry knowledge and build on your foundation for a smooth transition

You want to upskill into a higher role

Get to the next level of your career as a junior or indie dev - theres no limit to how far you can go


We are a little bit different from other online courses so please make sure you are clear on what we offer and if you are at the right stage in your learning journey to take part. Get in touch if unsure.


You need to be age 18+. This course is not for complete beginners. You should already be creatively writing in some way. 


This is an online course, with all live sessions taking place in the evenings from 6pm-8.30pm BST.   

Study Duration

We expect participants to work at least 10 hours per week on this programme. 


This course is software agnostic, so you can use whatever you are already comfortable with.

Course length

3 weeks for the main part of the course with an optional 1 week game jam at the end. 

🤚Hang on, why are Sprints different? 

100% Live & Exclusive

No recorded videos here, this is a live course run over a 3-week period in real-time. You need to be committed and ready to work, but you'll get so much more out of it.

Work with Industry Heroes

All sprints are delivered by the most experienced professionals in the sector. You'll get decades of knowledge condensed into 3-weeks of practical work and Q+A time.

Highly Affordable

Our courses are priced from £13 a day. For this level of learning, you won't find anything better. We also provide discounted placements those from low-income backgrounds. Email us for access

Long Term Support

Our focus is on helping you eventually get hired. By joining a Sprint, you will automatically become part of the Into Games talent network, with future access to opportunities in 40+ UK games studios.

Project based

Every sprint you take part in will aim to give you one high-quality portfolio piece for you to use on your career journey. This work is practical and team-led. 

Small Groups

Our cohorts are no more than 40 people and we break this down further into working groups of 4 or 5. This makes for the optimal learning experience.

Course Dates: 1st - 19th July 2024

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Frequently asked questions

What does this cost?

£199 for the 3 weeks. This is only £13 a day for live sessions with some of the best games professionals in the world. Courses can be paid for in instalments over a 6 month period if required.  

When does the course run?

Over the 3-weeks, you will attend 8 live sessions from 6pm to 8pm BST, these occur on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 18th of July. In addtion, between sessions, you will be asked to attend group sessions with your peers on the cohort. We suggest working around 10-15 hours per week to get the most from the Sprint.     

Is financial Aid or assistance available?

Yes. If you are on Universal Credit, you will receive 10% off the price. If you are a care leaver or were eligible for free school meals when growing up, you can qualify for a discount of up to 80%. There is a limited amount of these places available per Sprint and this is only valid for UK residents. Please message us directly.

I can't make all the dates - is this still for me?

While we recommend that you try to attend as many of the live and group sessions as possible, we understand that might not be possible. All sessions are recorded for participants, and you have 24-7 access to content and support for the duration of the Sprint.

What are the technical requirements?

You will need access to a computer for the duration of the Sprint. Our Sprints try to be as software agnostic as possible, but you may need certain tools, which will always be stipulated here if so. For this Sprint, there is no preference.  

Is this for complete beginners?

No. You should have at least 1 years worth of practice within this discipline area (this could include some of a degree, college or personal study time in an adjacent area). You should have a basic portfolio of work. If you are at all unsure, please email us.  
Meet your sprint leader

Kim MacAskill

Kim MacAskill is a Narrative Director and leading narrative mind that has worked across the largest studios in the industry. From creating her own IP with Playstation and contributing to some of the largest existing IPs, MacAskill have told stories across different types of games.
Patrick Jones - Course author