3D Environment Art sprint

Environment Art:  Designing A 3D Garden Feature With Anya Elvidge

Enhance your 3D design skills through a hands-on project with Anya, a seasoned artist renowned for her work on projects with Amazon, Epic, Supercell, and Rare. Anya's expertise spans AAA, mobile, and indie development, specialising in creating colourful, whimsical 3D environments. In this course, you'll design a 3D water feature within a garden setting, covering key aspects from conceptual design to final implementation.
  • Creative Problem-Solving Skills
  • Master High and Low Poly Modelling
  • Learn Hand-Painted Texturing Techniques
  • Apply Colour and Composition Principles
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2-20 SEPT 2024
6-8 PM

*UK Local Time (GMT)
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*All Sprint Courses Have Limited Spaces

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Real Time Instruction

Fully live remote course with real-time instruction
(no pre-recorded content)

Industry Professional Led

Collaborate closely with a  top game industry professionals to gain insights into industry standards and trends

Portfolio Project

Create a tangible portfolio piece to showcase your game development skills and impress potential employers

Level Up Skills

Bridge skill gaps, refine abilities and maintain an edge over competitors

Guided Progress

Experience personal accountability with regular progress checks, Q&As and feedback

Coordinator & Peer Support

 Learn and network with like-minded peers, facilitated by an Into Games team member 
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You'll love learning with us

"I didn't know about the Sprint Courses, it was a nice surprise and learnt a lot of new things and meet nice people sharing the same objectives as me. I definitely recommend doing Sprints!"
Niels, TEchnical Design Sprint

"Was great to get such hands on feedback from a pro - rare to find unless paying insane amounts or still in education."

"The opportunity to learn from an industry veteran in a live, small cohort setting is an incredible deal. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about setting up their own indie studio and the business aspects of game development"
Shane, Indie Studio Sprint
"I felt really connected to my huddle group, we were such a good gang. Loved the course and tutor, everything worked really well - 100% doing another one.  
ILYA, Concept Art Sprint

"Going into this Sprint, I had no expectations really since it would be my first. Nevertheless, it was a superb experience where I have learnt more than I would have ever expected!"
Davud, Technical Design Sprint
"Absolutely excellent! Insight into specifics about your chosen discipline like what sort of documents you might need, how to prepare them, and plenty of feedback from the Sprint leader and your fellow sprinters. Totally recommend."
Francis, Narrative Design Sprint

Key Information

We are a little bit different from other online courses so please make sure you are clear on what we offer and if you are at the right stage in your learning journey to take part. Get in touch if unsure.


Software Requirements

In this course, the Sprint Leader will demonstrate all tasks using Unreal Engine 5. While we aim to remain software agnostic and encourage participants to use the tools they are most comfortable with, please note that we cannot provide guidance for every software option.


This course is not for complete beginners

You need to be age 18+. This course is not for complete beginners. This Sprint course is designed for graduates, juniors and freelancers with some experience. You should already have some foundational experience in game development projects. 


We are based in the United Kingdom

Our team and colleagues are all based in the United Kingdom, our time zone and case studies will reflect this. However, we welcome participants from all over the world and try to present content that is universal. 


Time Commitment

This is a 3-week online course, with all live sessions taking place in the evenings from 6pm-8.30pm BST (UK local time). You can review the activity dates below. Participants can expect to invest about 10-15 hours per week on this course.


Showcase & Jam

At the end of each Sprint, participants are invited to showcase their work in our virtual exhibition and further hone their skills by participating in a game jam. Both activities are optional.

Course contents

* All dates and times are referring to UK local time (British Summer Time) 

Who is this course for?

Our courses cater to semi-skilled individuals aiming to advance their game development practice, including graduates,  junior professionals seeking career progression and freelancers with some experience.

If you are not sure if this is for you, please contact us.

You want to expand your skillset to a professional level

Explore additional skill, workflows and techniques with a high-level guide

You want to pivot from within or into games development

Get specfic industry knowledge and build on your foundation for a smooth transition

You want to upskill into a higher role

Get to the next level of your career as a junior or indie dev - theres no limit to how far you can go
Meet your sprint leader

Anya Elvidge

Anya specialises in creating colourful, bright, and whimsical 3D worlds. With extensive experience in AAA, mobile, and indie game development, she has worked with top clients like Amazon, Epic Games, Supercell, and Rare. Her skills encompass 3D asset creation, game environment development, background illustration, environment concepting, and visual development. Passionate about education, she has previously shared her expertise at institutions like Teesside University and De Montfort University, and Escape studios. Her blend of technical prowess and creative vision makes her an inspiring professional to learn from. 

Patrick Jones - Course author


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this cost?

£199 for the 3 weeks. This is only £13 a day for live sessions with some of the best games professionals in the world. Courses can be paid for in installments over a 6 month period if required.  

When does the course run?

Over the 3-weeks, you will attend 8 live sessions from 6pm to 8pm BST, these occur on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 18th of July. In addtion, between sessions, you will be asked to attend group sessions with your peers on the cohort. We suggest working around 10-15 hours per week to get the most from the Sprint.     

Is financial Aid or assistance available?

Yes. If you are on Universal Credit, you will receive 10% off the price. If you are a care leaver or were eligible for free school meals when growing up, you can qualify for a discount of up to 80%. There is a limited amount of these places available per Sprint and this is only valid for UK residents. Please message us directly.

I can't make all the dates - is this still for me?

While we recommend that you try to attend as many of the live and group sessions as possible, we understand that might not be possible. All sessions are recorded for participants, and you have 24-7 access to content and support for the duration of the Sprint. 

What are the technical requirements?

You will need access to a computer for the duration of the Sprint. Our Sprints try to be as software agnostic as possible, but you may need certain tools, which will always be stipulated here if so. For this Sprint, there is no preference.  

Is this for complete beginners?

No. You should have at least 1 years worth of practice within this discipline area (this could include 1 year of a degree, college or personal study time). You can still be at an early stage in your learning path, but you should have a basic portfolio of work. Please email us if you have any queries about this. 

Do you offer refunds?

Please read our refund policy here and contact our team for support.